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About Manali 

State : Himachal Pradesh Area : 7.12 Sq. Kms. Height : 2,050 Mtrs approx.. Temperature : Summer 28 °C/20 °C – Winter 18 °C/2 °C Languages : Himachali, Hindi, English Religion : Hinduism, Buddhism Best Time to visit Kullu Manali : April – June/September – December. Plane terminal : Bhuntar ( Kullu ) 40 Kms

Central Attractions : 

Hadimba Temple

Buddhist Monastery

Vashisth Hot Sulfur Spring

Rohtang Pass

Solang Valley

Club House

Van Vihar

Manu haven

Strip mall Road

Nehru Kund



Rahala Fall


Rani Nala

Manikaran Sahib

Experience Activities :

Conduit Rafting







Mountain Biking

Conduit crossing

Jeep Safari

Motor Cycling

Shake Climbing


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Relience CDMA : TATA Indicom


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Centers : 

Normal Hospital, The Mall, Manali, Tel: 253385

Lady Willington's Mission Hospital Manali Tel: 253714

Manali a Brief Introduction 

The particular name Manali brings out visual of snow-anchored mountains, stately deodar tree, apple archards and tumbling Beas. So lucky are these who have settled on Manali, a peaceful and exceptionally put in the Western Himalayas as their events objective.

A long way from the noise and noice of the urban networks, it is a veritable dreams words where copious nature offers variety of delights to an extensive variety of guests having fluctuating tastes. It is a nature dear's paradise. For the depleted urbanite, it is an ideal place to relex.

The salubrious manner of the valley fills the floating old personos with imperativeness to spend the straggling leftovers of their evenings of life blissfully with no ailments related with status.

Manali is honestly, the 'find' as of late Pt. Nehru, the main Prime Minister of India. He came here twice for his events first in 1958 for multi month and second in 1960 for ten days.

Manali has an amazing past. It has gotten its name from Vaivasvata Manu, the seventh one whose vessel landed on this bit of the Himalayas after the Deluge.

Neighborhood Tour : 

A half day visit around Manali Town covering neighborhood visiting of Himachal haven, Manu asylum, Clubhouse, Ancient Shiva haven, Vashist nature hot spring and Buddhist Monasterie can be done in 3-4 hours covering a detachment a partition of 15/16 km.

Hadimba Temple 

Start the day by paying a concession to Devi Hadimba Temple orchestrated on a little slant in a backwoods of radiant cedars. Worked in 1553, the asylum is in pagoda style with four superimposed bound housetops. The facede is enhanced with clarify wood cutting in the general public style of Western Himalays. The asylum is focused on Hadimba of the Mahabharta age, who made a splendid marriage with Bhima, the Pandva. Close by is a huge deodar tree enhanced with tin similarities and iron edges off various types and sizes, or, at the end of the day seat of earth shattering Ghatotkach, the offspring of Hadimba and Bhima.

Jogni Waterfall 

Most Visited Place in the Past Years. 

Jogni Fall is An Incredible Watter Fall..Large no of Foreign and Indian Tourist Visit That Place,Most Worth Place to Visit for Nature Lovers,and Photographers..A lodging Provide You Full Day manual for likewise to Escourt You.

Blessed to the Vashisht Village protective goddess, who is said to stay inside the rushing waters of the great falls.

Underneath the falls there is a little sacred place, moderately unnoticeable anyway basic. Underneath that is a Main Shrine (little asylum) said to be later.

"The Jogini falls are essentially the sacred showering place for "Joginis" who are acknowledged to be the unwed young ladies of Lord Indra. It is on the first of Baisakh that neighborhood individuals bring their children for their first tonsure here over the Vashisht town".

"The Jogini course is close Vashisht town. Reliably endless and remote guests visit it and the Jogini asylum. The villagers from the valley visit and play out their functions at the asylum and till date seek after the custom of serving sustenance in plates made of stone

Club House 

Night can be beneficially spent in the tourism Club House organized across over Manalsu in the old Manali. It has the workplaces of a pool room, a Library, a bar, a restaurant, indoor redirections and a roller-skating field. The Club House in Manali is under the organization of Himachal Tourism change Corporation, and is discovered just 1.5 km from the vehicle stand. Easily reachable by transport or taxi, one can value diverse recreational workplaces including an amphitheater, pool room, library, roller skating ring, carom board room, bar and restaurant at the club house.

Manu Temple 

Masterminded at Old Manali is given to Manu Rishi whose watercraft touched base here after the Great Deluge. Manu is acknowledged to have surrounded a treatise on social arrangement of standards here at Manali. It is perhaps the fundamental haven of Manu Rishi in india. Manali has gotten its name from Manu+Alya, the home of Manu. The out of date haven is arranged at a partition of 3 km from the fundamental business focus in old Manali. The old Manu Temple in Manali has a specific real establishment that is addressing a large number individuals who visit the traveler spot. As shown by Hindu old stories, Manu sage is the magnificent producer of humankind on the planet.

Old Shiva Temple 

The main name of this was 'Nast', it remained the old capital of Kullu for around 10 ages. Jagatsukh is eminent for its Shiva asylum in Shikhara Style and charming old haven of 'Gayatri Devi' and Devi Sharvali. It lies on the left bank of the Beas and the road from Naggar to Manali experiences the town. It is around 12 km from Naggar and 6 km from Manali. Before accomplishing Jagatsukh a place Shooru, near the section to Hamta Nullah, is passed at which is discovered the out of date and chronicled asylum of Devi Sarvali. In Jagatshukh some outdated asylums are still in existance.

Vashisht Baths 

Hardly 3 kms across over Beas toward the north is discovered the obsolete town of Vashisht. It is commended for sulpher bubbling water springs contributed with helpful properties and the twin asylum of ruler Rama and Bashisht Rishi. The town shows a widely inclusive point of view of the entire upper vally from Solang to Nagar. Vashisht town is a green fix of splash incline hanging at the base on a cliff. The town is 6 km from Manali at the banks of the Beas River opposite Old Manali. Most remote vacationers favored staying here or at the Old Manali than the downtown Manali. Rich traditions and charming bistros are basic for travelers. Vashisht has all that.

Tibetian Monetory 

Orchestrated in the center of the town allow to see enormous statues of Lord Buddha, Padam Sambhav and other great individuals. Thanka works of art of Tibetan craftsmanship can moreover be found in these religious networks. Subsequently one can have a sensible take a gander at the workmanship, culture and rligion of Tibet. Manali has Gurudwara too, which has been obliging the significant needs of the faithfuls all through the past 50 years. There are 3 as of late constructed wonderful religious networks, where visitors can buy floor covers and other Tibetan created works. Two are arranged in the town and one at Aleo on the left bank of Beas stream. Tibetan Monastery is a standout amongst the most prepared and understood place in Manali.

Van Vihar 

After adjacent visiting a short period can be spared to gave an extremely stroll around the Van Vihar based on the bank of River Beas. Van Vihar National Park is a national stop in India arranged at the center of Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Broadcasted a national stop in 1983, it covers an area of around 4.45 km². Regardless of the way that it has the status of a national stop, Van Vihar is created and administered as a bleeding edge zoological quit, following the standards of the Central Zoo Authority. The animals are kept in their nearby trademark living space. A huge bit of the animals are either stranded brought from various parts of the state or those, which are exchanged from various zoos.

A Trip to Rohtang Pass (Snow Point)

Nehru Kund 

While in travel to this solid Pass, stop for quite a while to stifle the thirst by drinking super cool yet customary totally clear spring water at Nehru Kund. Masterminded at a short partition from Manali, the general springs owes its start to Lake Brighu, or, at the end of the day above in the mountains.

It is assumed that at whatever point Mr. Nehru was in this stunning incline station, he drank the sensible, valuable stone water of the typical spring. Owing its praise to this custom, the spring by and by is a champion among the most outstanding guest spots.

Incorporated by luxurious and endless greenery, the kund is the perfect spot to spend your night amidst the charm of nature.


It iis the last town of the valley. It headings a comprehensive viewpoint of the ice sheets. A peepo into the amazing abyss through which the Beas streams sends shivers down one's spine.

Arranged at a partition of 12 km from Manali, Kothi is orchestrated on the Lahaul-Spiti-Leh turnpike. Kothi filled in as the outside put for vacationers when the 3,978-meter-high Rohtang Pass must be come to by strolling.


The spot is named after a street specialist who kicked the bucket under appalling conditions here amid the development of the street. Amid summer it possesses large amounts of assortment of blooms and home grown plants. Its characteristic excellence is seen to accepted.

From here, rising to the considerable Pass begins. The perspective of the superb snow topped mountains, the whirling Beas River and the little meadows just add appeal to the region. Named after Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir who stayed outdoors here while attacking China through this region, Gulaba is gradually picking up notoriety.

Rahlla Falls 

In the wake of intersection a couple of visually impaired bends, a falling cascade all of a sudden comes into focus. It is Rahlla Fall. The sprinkles and showers of the falling frosty cool water sends the chilling however sweet sensation through one's body.

It is a standout amongst the most loved spots for photography. Situated at a separation of 16 km from Manali, the pleasant Rehalla Falls is a consequence of spilling water from soak shakes and softening ice sheets. It is roosted at a height of 9,000 ft. also, gives you a phenomenal perspective of the nature around.

The whole territory is likewise portrayed by the woodland of deodar, silver birch trees and a new and sweet-smelling air.


Very spot to rest and appreciate refreshments. The legend has it that I unit of Shikh armed force died to a man attributable to sudden snowstorm. The Ladakh bound campaign was gotten unawaree in the snowstorm. Along these lines the place got its name from Marhi, a demise house.

Marhi – a mountain level encompassed by rich green knolls strewn with heap wild blossoms.

The place remains a stopover for travel guests and vacationers amid summer and pre-winter seasons and a travel put for the general population to sit tight for the brutal climate to enhance at Rohtang Pass to traverse to Lahaul and Spiti valley, amid the winter months.

Rani Nala 

It is said that the Rani of the Sikh General telling the Ladakh undertaking kicked the bucket here. Thus the name of the palce was given as Rani Nallah where one can discover snow as profound as 15ft. amid the long periods of May and June.

So it is an another most loved spot to get captured with the end goal to have a valued gift. Rohtang Paass is presently a short distance from here, the adventure is tiring yet fulfilling. The fundamental fascination for traveler at Rohtang pass is snow and the grand excellence of the region.

The street is exceptionally limited close to the Rohtang pass and the stopping of vehicles is extremely troublesome and one must be exceptionally alarm while stopping the vehicles since slight diversion might be dangerous.

Rohtang Pass 

You can have candid discussion with nature's magnificence and may in the stel of cascades, snow blossoms of different tints and hues, sky contacting snow secured pinnacles and running runnels of clear and unadulterated water.

Arranged at a height of 13500ft, the Pass is a door to the distant place where there is lamas. Rohtang pass implies the store of the human bones. It symbolized the demise of innumerable people while endeavoring to traverse the years.

Close to the Top is Beas Rikhi, the first sourse of waterway Beas. Paying regards by visiting the little sparkle committed to Beas Rishi, the creator of the Mahabharta is an unquestionable requirement for each guest crossing the impressive pass.

Sanctuary Trail to Naggar and Janna Waterfall 

Manali to Naggar by means of left bank offers an interesting and fulfilling trip. Each town falling in the middle of has its own sanctuary going back to seventh and eighth hundreds of years. Shuru Prini, a 3 km. drive from Manali in known for fantastic sanctuary in folf style.

Close by is Arjun Gufa (Only to trek) where the well known Pandva contemplated amid their secret remain in the Himalyas 6km.

From Manali is Jagatsukh the previous capital of Kullu Rajas. It is well known for seventh century Gaurishankar and Sandhya Devi sanctuary.


After an eminent trail of 25km. you are directed to the legacy town of Naggar. It had been an old capital of Kullu Rajas for around fourteen centuries. Naggar Castle raised on a slope as imperial habitation offers an all encompassing perspective of the uper Beas Valley.

It is by and by kept running as a lodging by the State Tourism company. Contiguous it is a level chunk of shake knows as Jagati Pat amoung local people. The renowned Roerich Art Gallery is close by over the slope. It had been the home of world well known painter Roerich for around 18 years.

After Naggar one can keep on going through think backwoods towards Janna water fall where one can appreciate neighborhood sustenance while in transit to Bijimahadev sanctuary (subject to clear climate) Optional.


Manikaran is situated in the Parvati Valley , upper east of Bhuntar in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. It is at an elevation of 1760 m and is situated around 40 km from Bhuntar.This residential community pulls in travelers visiting Manali and Kullu to its hot springs and piligrim centres.An trial Geothermal Energy plant has additionally been set up here.

Manikaran is a  place for both Hindus and Sikhs. The Hindus trust that Manu reproduced human life in Manikaran after the surge, making it a holy zone. It has numerous Temples and a Gurudwara.

The most effective method to Reach Manali 

Manali is effortlessly reachable through street and rail. It offers a grand drive through close-by spots like Delhi, Chandigarh, Kasauli et cetera. the separation among Manali and other close-by areas is:

Manali to Rohtang Pass – 51 kilometers

Manali to Udaipur – 150 kilometers

Manali to Dharamsala – 235 kilometers

Manali to Shimla – 260 kilometers

Manali to Kasauli – 275 kilometers

Manali to Chandigarh – 310 kilometers

Manali to Pathankot – 325 kilometers

Manali to Dalhousie – 385 kilometers

Manali to Chamba – 402 kilometers

Manali to Delhi – 570 kilometers

On the off chance that you to achieve Manali through the railroads, here are your best alternatives:

Shatabadi Express Kalka-New Delhi

Kalka Howrah Mail Connecting Kalka and Howrah

Shatabadi Express Chandigarh-New Delhi

Bhuntar Airport (Kullu Airport or Kullu Manali Airport) is the closest airplane terminal to achieve Manali and has flights interfacing with Delhi and Chandigarh.

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