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The considerable white working of Agra called Taj Mahal is phenomenal as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This marble tomb is orchestrated on the bank of River Yamuna in Agra. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan with the genuine target to house his most loved life accomplice's tomb made this stunning structure.

Mumtaz Mahal was a Persian princess and her name was Arjumand Banu Begum before marriage, who changed into the third and most valued mate of Shah Jahan. The ruler passed on while conveying their fourteenth pre-adult. In like manner, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his loved buddy Mumtaz created this splendid structure and endeavored to make his fellowship undying.

Taj Mahal selected its name in the synopsis of UNESCO World Heritage regions in 1983 as it tends to the rich Mughal culture and tremendous building brightness. It is exceptional worldwide as a photo of affection. This inconceivable development changes various shades with the advancing time. Around the beginning of the day, when the sun rises it looks pinkish, it turns smooth white amid the night and it ends up astonishing in night sparkle.

The change of enormous tomb was done in 1643 utilizing white marble and studded with semi-noteworthy stones yet oversee differing parts of this endeavor proceeded for ten more years. Along these lines, the entire eccentric of Taj Mahal complex was done in 1653. The aggregate assessed cost of the headway is around 32 million Indian rupees.

Under the supervision of Ustad Ahmad Lahauri a fundamental social event of 20,000 craftsmans and 1,000 elephants were doled out for the headway experience of Taj Mahal. The astounding incorporates domed marble tomb, the rich gardens close-by two red-sandstone structures which are drifted by a detached divider on its three sides.

The craftsmans, bricklayers, inlayers, stonecutters, carvers, calligraphers, painters and bend planners were called from all parts of India, Central Asia and Iran. The wonderful headway took around 22 years to get wrapped up. The white marble utilized for the change of the building was brought from wherever all through the nation and focal Asia.

The Taj Mahal pulls in around 3 million guests dependably. It opens at an energetic hour at a youthful hour in the day amidst first light and closes with nightfall.

Segment Fee: 

Rs.750/ - for Foreign Tourists

Rs.20/ - for Indians

No area cost is charged from youths underneath 15 years old whether Indian or nonnative

Note :- Friday is a shut day for guests.

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